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Director Profile

Mr. J.K. Mishra

  • Managing Director
  • 54 Years old
  • 30 Years Experience
  • Worked in Indian Air Force
  • Awarded for best cader of base "Certification"
  • Good Speaker

Managing Director Profile

Mr. J.K. Mishra is a first-generation entrepreneur and the driving force behind VANKAN Security Services Pvt. Ltd. He started the company with just two guards and three staff members, operating from a rented office in Pune. Today, VANKAN is widely recognized as a leader in the manpower security business in India, employing over 5000 permanent employees.

Mr. Mishra holds a Bachelor's degree in English, LLB specializing in company law, and an MBA in HR from MS University of Baroda, Gujarat. During his 20-year tenure in the Indian Air Force, he served as an administrator, overseeing the security of air bases and IT systems. He received multiple certifications and awards for his outstanding contributions.

After retiring from the Indian Air Force, Mr. Mishra joined an IT company as a top-level manager responsible for personnel security, material security, and IT security. Drawing from his extensive experience and expertise in these areas, he recognized the need to provide better support and care for security personnel, who are the core value of any security company. Witnessing the dissatisfaction of clients with security companies, he made it his mission to deliver the best security services and support to clients.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Mr. Mishra is a renowned speaker on safety and security topics. He has received training in bio-logical warfare conducted by the Indian Air Force.

On a personal level, Mr. Mishra is deeply spiritual and prioritizes his family. He believes in the principles of delegation and empowerment as core values for effective management. As a visionary leader, he is always seeking the next big opportunity and aspires to make VANKAN a global leader in the security business known for its service quality and unwavering commitment to customers and employees.